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Application Development - Whether it's building a new database application or retooling an existing one, Fruition Software has the experience and expertise to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time, using the entire family of products from FileMaker Inc. for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.  Fruition Software holds up-to-date credentials as a Certified FileMaker Developer in versions 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  and 13.  Fruition Software helps small to medium-sized businesses develop software applications swiftly to help move your organization toward a business solution.  Are you a corporate workgroup that has recently undergone requirements analysis using a Project Manager or Enterprise Architect?  Fruition Software can provide a software application estimate based upon artifacts that have been documented using Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Consulting - Like many things in life, successful business applications are based upon a reasonable amount of analysis and planning. Fruition Software can help with requirements analysis, logical database modeling and prototyping.

Database Administration - If you're ready to take your FileMaker database application to the next level of performance and reliability, Fruition Software can help you to deploy it in a client/server environment, using FileMaker Server on either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS platforms. For improved searching, sorting, backup, recovery and security, FileMaker Server is "the" way to share workgroup database applications. FileMaker Server can be installed internally on your own business network, or securely deployed in the cloud by leveraging hosting services from a number of recommended FileMaker web hosts.   Fruition Software can also design and deploy easy-to-use workgroup portals to allow one point of access to multiple database solutions.

Version Migration - Have an existing database application developed in a previous version of FileMaker Pro that you would like to migrate to FileMaker 13? Fruition Software can provide you with recommendations for any necessary hardware & operating system upgrades required for FileMaker 13, install and configure workstation & server software and migrate the application in a manner that is most appropriate to the needs of your business.

Data Integration - Especially within corporate workgroups, data may be stored in a variety of places. If you require an interchange of data between a FileMaker workgroup application and ODBC data sources, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL, Fruition Software can design or enhance an application to include real-time connection to external data sources using FileMaker's ESS feature or deploy automated data transformation modules to move a snapshot of ODBC data into your application.  Call today to discuss what sort of integration options will best suite the needs of your business.

Web-enabled applications - Are you looking to integrated data from your FileMaker application into your organization's website or Intranet? Needing to publish a list of events that's already in your application or capture data from an online form submission? Fruition Software can help with this integration by using FileMaker's new WebDirect technology in FileMaker 13.

Mobile Applications - Need to deploy modules of your existing application or entirely new mobile apps within your organization on a tablet or mobile device?  Fruition Software can develop mobile apps and deploy these using FileMaker Go for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, FileMaker's newest client for iOS devices. Applications can also be deployed using FileMaker Pro for Microsoft Surface Pro or any tablet running Microsoft Windows 8 Pro.

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